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We Use Only The Highest Quality Sod

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Installation, Prep, & Debris Removal

We understand that our customers have busy schedules, that is why we provide professional installation.  With our staff's experience, you can be sure that your sod will be installed with care.  Plus, we will program your automatic sprinkler system to ensure your new sod thrives.

We Use Utah Grown Sod

Choose from heat resistant, water-wise Blue Grass varities.

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sod installation utah

Sod Installation Preparation

Green Exterior Services will cut your existing sod, till your soil surface and remove all the remaining debris.

Once tilled, we optimize your sprinkler system to guarantee water efficient coverage which guarantees your investment remains green.

We apply fertilizer and lay your sod with expert care.

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Located in Salt Lake City, Utah we serve The Wasatch Front.  Our mission is to provide competent & professional service for your commercial and residential needs.  We strive to be your one-stop so you can manage only reliable and professional relationships for all of your home and commercial exterior needs.

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