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Sprinkler Installation
Irrigation is the foundation of your lawn and garden.   It is advisable to optimize your drip irrigation or overhead sprinklers to ensure your return on investment.
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Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler repair near me

Utah Sprinkler Repair

  • Do you have brown spot in your yard?
  • ​Is your lawn oversaturated? 
  • Is your sprinkler system not functioning properly?

When you choose Green Exterior Services to work on your sprinkler system, you will get the finest parts and service backed by our guarantee.  

We use Hunter & RainBird products.

Is Your Sprinkler System Broken?

Here's how we can help:

  •  Over spraying and saturation
  •  Broken Valves
  • ​Sprinkler System will not shut off
  • ​Sprinkler zones not turning on
  • Drip-Line installation & Repair
  •  Broken sprinkler heads
  •  Low water pressure
  •  Brown spots
  • ​Installation & Design
  • ​Repair and replace main water lines

 Emergency Service

  • 24/7 Service
  • Any Size Job
  • ​Fast Response Times

 Maintenace & Repair

  •  Parts & Service Warranty
  • ​Top Brands
  • ​Skilled Professionals

 Design & Intallation

  •  Water Wise Design & Installation
  •  Premium Parts
  • 100% Guarantee
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Salt Lake City SOD Installation

We know you're busy

sod installation utah

Installation, Prep, & Debris Removal

We understand that our customers have busy schedules, that is why we provide professional installation.  With our staff's experience, you can be sure that your sod will be installed with care.  Plus, we will program your automatic sprinkler system to ensure your new sod thrives.

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We Use Only The Highest Quality Sod

We Use Utah Grown Sod

Choose from heat resistant, water-wise Blue Grass varities.

Sod near me

Professional Drip Sprinkler Installation

Irrigation is the foundation of your garden

Bring your plants and garden the individual, specialized care they need with a drip irrigation system today, and save water

Instead of the more traditional airborne sprinkler water is allowed to drip slowly onto individual plant areas, either through soil or directly onto the root zone. Our drip irrigation systems use low-pressure, low-volume systems designed to save water.

Drip irrigation systems are 20% to 50% more water-wise than conventional sprinklers. Losses to elements like wind, runoff, evaporation and especially overspray are almost completely eliminated. 


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Green Exterior Services:

Sprinkler System Optimization
Solve major coverage gaps & get rid of brown spots
Sprinkler Design & Install
Water Wise design & install.  Conserve water
Sprinkler Repair
Repair your broken sprinkle heads, valves and pipes
24/7 Emergency Service
Having a major issue?   We are  on-call 24/7

Need Help?

Additional Exterior Services

BobCat Land Shaping
Does your yard need scraping?  Sod Removal?  Soil Removal?  Landscape grade BobCat services
Waste Removal
Construction, green and residential waste removal
Sod Installation
Surface removal, level, see and new sod.  
Commercial Landscape Design
Water-wise, low maintenance design concepts.

Green Exterior Services
Located in Salt Lake City, Utah we serve The Wasatch Front.  Our mission is to provide competent & professional service for your commercial and residential needs.  We strive to be your one-stop so you can manage only reliable and professional relationships for all of your home and commercial exterior needs.
Salt Lake City Landscaping

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